Who We Are

Southern Negros Agri-fisheries Multipurpose Cooperative or SONAMCO is a duly registered and organized cooperative formed in 1997 which produces high-quality products. The farm has a gross area of 46.31 hectares with 31 grow-out and 14 nursery ponds. The cooperative follows a detailed, precise and methodical way for efficient production of valuable aquatic products which include fresh shrimps and bangus, as well as milkfish deboning. 

Producing high-quality aquatic products is no easy job. People involved are responsible for creating sustainable living conditions for aquatic animals. We also ensure that the shrimp and bangus we produce are safe for consumption. Thus, it is very important that we pay attention to the little details because these can affect our production and consumers greatly.

Our partner in the delivery of shrimp and bangus production is the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center / Aquaculture Department in Tigbauan, Iloilo. It is a full-fledged government agency whose studies focus on aquaculture. They conduct research, develop technologies and train people in the farming of aquatic products for livelihood and sustainable development. The procedures we apply in the farm are backed up with studies conducted by experts in the field, thus, ensuring the quality of the products we produce. 

Who We Are About US | Southern Negros Agri-fisheries Multipurpose

Mr. Juventud Chavez is the General Manager of Southern Negros Agri-fisheries Multipurpose Coooperative (SONAMCO) and has been in charge since it began its operation in October 27, 1997.

With the knowledge, information, and training we acquire from the research institution, accompanied by the experience and personal tests we do on the farm, we can meet the standards and expectations of our customers.

We are proud to say that we produce the best quality of shrimps and milkfish in the province of Negros Oriental.