Vision, Mission, and Goals

our vision

To be a successful, prosperous and consistent Agri-Fisheries Multipurpose Cooperative in the Province of Negros Oriental. We become firm and honest, and deliver just service to the members and the community through:

  1. Consistent production and export of high-quality shrimps and other agricultural products
  2. Follow proper ways to preserve and protect the environment
  3. Develop the entrepreneurial worthiness for the improvement of the lives of the members
  4. Create a technology resource center for the shrimps and other aquamarine products

To found a business and allied services for the development of the members, clients, partners, employees and community.

     MEMBERS    : Give good service, work and benefits

     CLIENTS      : Consistent sale of good quality products

     PARTNERS   : Maintain good relationship by following each other’s obligations

     EMPLOYEES : Provide employment security based on the skills, along with personal growth and                            give benefits based on their attitude and behavior towards the cooperative  

our goals


     Top Quality Aquaculture Products:

          SHRIMPS : 300 tons/Annum | Fresh for the Domestic Market

          MILKFISH : 200 tons/Annum | Fresh for the Visayas Market

                             50 tons/Annum Value Added Fresh Processed Fish for the Visayas Market



          1 reasonable meal per day for all working staff engaged in general supervision,             office work, and those involved in stocking, transfer and harvest.

          Basic food & household needs for ALL Cooperative family at AFFORDABLE PRICES.


     PROVIDENTIAL LOAN : Php 20,000.00 / Working Member / 2 years

     PRODUCTION LOAN    : Php 20,000.00 / Working Member / cycle