Everything you need to know about buying FRESH SHRIMP!

How do you know if you’re buying fresh shrimp?

Shrimps are now a popular seafood in the country. It’s that kind of shellfish that comes in various sizes, types and prices. Shrimps are highly perishable, so it is very important to know how to pick out the freshest produce available, not just for the taste and texture but also for safety.

Although some stores sell them frozen, buying them fresh is highly recommended, if you want the best flavor! But make sure that what you’re buying is actually fresh in order to get your money’s worth and also to keep you from getting sick.

Here are some tips to identify if the shrimps you’re buying are fresh:

  1. Check if the head with the antennae is still attached.
  2. Look for shrimps that are still in the shell. If the shells are firm and have glossy appearance, that would indicate its freshness. If there are black or dark spots, then the shrimps are no longer fresh or were mishandled.
  3. Smell the shrimps you’re buying if they have foul odor. Fresh shrimps do not have a strong odor and smell like seawater or of seaweed.
  4. If you touch the shrimp, it should be moist and firm. If it’s dry and tough, it’s a sign that it is not fresh and has been frozen for a long period of time.

Now you know how to select fresh shrimp in the market!

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