Is your milkfish fresh?

How will you know if the milkfish is fresh? 

The milkfish or bangus is one of the very popular dishes in the Philippines. It has been grown and sold in various parts of the country. Even though milk fish is notorious for being bonier compared to other fishes, it is still very popular in stores and markets; and, Filipinos love eating them. It can be cooked and eaten regularly or even raw. Others like it when milk fish is made into kinilaw na bangus, perfect with just calamansi juice or vinegar.

But how will you know that what you’re buying is fresh milkfish? If you can buy the milkfish when it’s alive, that’ss great! However, if you cannot do so, then here are some tips on how to identify that milkfish that you’re buying is fresh:

  1. If you’re buying the whole fish, check the eyes and make sure that it’s bright and clear; and the gills should be bright and red.
  2. The fish should have that ocean-like smell and not foul.
  3. Check out its body, fins and tail. These should all be intact and not falling off; and there should be no indications that the fish has been mishandled or stale. 

I hope you now know how to identify fresh milkfish. 

It is important that you ensure the produce you’re buying is fresh.

We at SONAMCO take pride in producing fresh and high-quality milkfish! 

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