SONAMCO celebrates its 22nd Anniversary

sonamco members

The Southern Negros Agri-fisheries Multipurpose Cooperative (SONAMCO) was organized and founded in October 27, 2019 Thus, TODAY marks its 22nd Anniversary.

The cooperative has faced so many challenges and difficulties over the years. But nevertheless, its members and employees got over it with strong minds and hopeful hearts. 22 years later, the business has grown and produced tons and tons of aqua products that we never thought we’d be able to achieve. 

As a token of appreciation and a celebration of thanksgiving, the members of the cooperative gathered together in the place where everything begins and ends. A small get-together, with speeches and words of encouragement from the administration, as well as drinks and food were shared by the attendees. Talks and chitchats were made by each other, prizes and gifts were also given.

it is a very happy day because not only do we celebrate the 22 years of existence of SONAMCO, but also the friendship and bond brought along by the years of togetherness. 

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